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Erito: thought so ty

Iceangel: ice giant and ice gems

Erito: what drops life gems ice gems?

Erito: afternoon for me :D xD but good morning :D

Sinfullsin: good morning

Erito: sup all

Sinfullsin: k

Zonnetje: afk for a bit

Sinfullsin: wb

Horatio: wb again

Horatio: but welcome back

Horatio: haha zapper

Zapper: where do I get Challenger Tokens

Erito: night*

Erito: ing

Horatio: g n

Erito: thats the right :P

Horatio: in the crypt left site

Erito: where can i find the left part xD

Horatio: kk

Pepper: ty

Splinter: welcome pepper

Horatio: gratszz at your fluon calamity

Horatio: lol

Horatio: all thats other bites you harder and harder

Calamity: lol

Erito: he took a beating xD

Calamity: awww poor teddy

Erito: :P

Calamity: go Erito go :)

Horatio: gl

Erito: gonna get another in a secc XD

Erito: ty xD

Horatio: gratsszzzz

Erito: ty :)

Zapper: grats Erito

Horatio: gl

Calamity: wtg :)

Horatio: good luck calamity and zapper to the reaper

Horatio: woo t now to the lvl 150 zapper but gratszzzz

Zapper: ty

Zapper: ty

Zapper: ty

Mammar: congratz

Calamity: gratzzzz

Sunfire: where do i find ants?

Masterofskun: have a question what chenge class

Horatio: gn

Zapper: ty

Iceangel: wb Zapper

Zonnetje: ty

Sinfullsin: wb

Mammar: oh well nvm hey:)

Mammar: lol really well sorry he was wrong .not seen anything of deku though

Zonnetje: he whas saying it to deku not to tell anyone that calamity is u

Mammar: i think zap assume it was me :)

Mammar: and congratz on u bothe being lvl 100 it a lot harder than before :)

Mammar: lol no Horatio she is not me but she playing this game on my recommendation :) and we no wish to fight never have and never wil

Horatio: joke of the year

Calamity: I have no need to fight with anyone but sorry i not rosie just started playing these games

Zonnetje: and no we not fighting but only telling what i have seen saying

Zonnetje: zapper told deku not to tell anyone that u are rosie and i whas standing behind him so thats why we know

Calamity: did u play cabal?

Calamity: oh how u know me?

Horatio: yup and u to

Calamity: dou know mammar?

Calamity: hello horatio

Horatio: lol rosie

Mammar: ty :)

Calamity: grtz

Calamity: gratz

Calamity: hello Zapper:)

Horatio: thx

Iceangel: nite all

Zapper: wc

Zapper: so shadow is the way to go

Backpackers: xd

Backpackers: sorry again

Backpackers: i'll do it agin

Backpackers: sorry xD

Backpackers: my bad.. just testing something

Zapper: wc

Zapper: devil gate and my Estate

Sinfullsin: kool ty for fixing it

Zapper: ty

Iceangel: wb Zapper

Zapper: grats

Calamity: Morning :)

Iceangel: ok

Backpackers: im good thanks bb

Iceangel: devil ended but hadnt ported us out when it started again boot all out when it ended for us

Backpackers: wtf?

Zonnetje: wc

Zonnetje: to drunk tonight

Christel: lol ty

Tulk: but welcome again xD

Horatio: ~lol

Iceangel: lol welcome

Backpackers: lol.

Tulk: Lmao did you spell your name wrong.

Backpackers: welcome dude or dudette

Tulk: Welcome

Splinter: :)

Backpackers: cheers

Splinter: tyvm

Horatio: gratsss :)

Zapper: afk dinner time

Iceangel: do quest

Tulk: dead ass hard to level

Zapper: brb

Backpackers: welcme dude or dudette

Calamity: ty :)

Backpackers: grats

Zapper: hb

Zapper: grats

Mammar: ty

Calamity: gratz

Iceangel: raining here bad might not have wifi in a bit

Iceangel: gradz

John: hiya again :) sorry I brb coffee time lol

Iceangel: wb

Backpackers: hey guys

John: mmm food lol

Zapper: lunch time

Sinfullsin: ok

John: remind me to fix MC frost arrows next client patch please!

Zapper: yay what :]

John: I finally got her online :)

Iceangel: welcome

Zapper: hey Mammar :]

Mammar: ty:)

Iceangel: wb Mammar'

Zapper: ty

Iceangel: wb zapper

Zapper: ty

Iceangel: wb then

Zapper: lol didnt have to go

Calamity: Morning :)

Iceangel: hi Athena

Iceangel: later Zapper

Zapper: g2g will stay logged in bb later

Zapper: morning Athena

Athena: good morning

Iceangel: u need to go back in the dream to kill the npcs its asking them to kill since there no boss npc on craft9 now

Calamity: u dont need to if u just doing the quest only of you do the alien abductions

Calamity: grr always dc in dg :(

Horatio: good

Calamity: how it going?

Horatio: morning

Calamity: Morning :)

Calamity: ty :)

Iceangel: hi wb

Calamity: Hello :)

Iceangel: lol yep

Zonnetje: lucky i coloect them in mad mans dream

Iceangel: craft4 u can still get them

Zonnetje: than how do get new players get alien crystals?

Iceangel: to make it harder like main

Zonnetje: wonder why he changed that

Iceangel: yeah

Zonnetje: before wipe there whas a way to get there

Zonnetje: already whas wondering how to get in for crystals so thats why i did quest before

Iceangel: some are leaving before its done and u cant get back in

Zonnetje: ah ok xD

Iceangel: madman

Zonnetje: what dream?

Calamity: Morning :)

Backpackers: i can lend you a wep to help kil them

Varian: Best way to level flowies are killing me easily

Varian: Cant find ya

Backpackers: /warp port

Varian: dunno where that is

Backpackers: port after devilgate

Varian: Where you be

Backpackers: deal lol

Varian: ill sell you 4 for like 10k

Backpackers: whats the easiest way to get 20% drop buffs

Backpackers: and i started today

Backpackers: re done it like idk how many times. np

Varian: ty

Backpackers: i farmed the apple board

Varian: whats he best way to make gold

Josh: welcome

Backpackers: calam help

Calamity: cleared out dg

Backpackers: coming

Iceangel: i dced

Iceangel: come back

Iceangel: coming

Backpackers: yo ima need help at devil lol

Iceangel: yeah was end of the game why he done a wipe

Iceangel: mhmmm wb

Inkz: before shit got wiped.

Inkz: i remember u from last server

Inkz: thanks, so iceangel is admin?

Zach: Welcome

Calamity: ok

Backpackers: can someone come XD

Penisland: Wireless

Backpackers: are you on wireless? or wired