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Captain's log: Stardate 26-09-2018
Posted by: NEXFER


A new client is available HERE - (26-09-2018), this now connects to our new host - eons.tubefrog.com:8078

The server has undergone numerous alterations this update!

We have decided it is time to wipe the server and redo the EXP systems. I understand that some will not be happy about this, but it was needed to make the changes work without bias. Also, we feel it is time for some dedicated rules, and some new staff to maintain them.

Any decent MMO requires long-term enjoyment, Endless Online made it technically impossible to reach the maximum level, this ensuring that players always had some room for progression.

Our server was originally designed to provide an 'end-game' experience, making it much easier to obtain high levels and stats. This however, created very short-term enjoyment, while sure - your character became really strong, really fast... but then what to do when you reach the in-game caps?

With nothing left to do, and client limitations stopping progression, what seemed like a good idea for a bit of fun, turned out to be a bad idea for the long-term.

We have thus altered the server to highly reduce the amounts of EXP gained through all systems, quests, kills and exp bags. We have also done the same to the global drop rates for all NPC's, and the global NPC damage rate has increased by 50%, to make things a little more challenging.

The Boss Challenger NPC has also been removed, as this one NPC nulled a bunch of the game's areas, making no need to ever go there, and making the game less challenging.

The server has been wiped for these reasons, a fresh start on the new EXP, Drop & NPC systems.

VIP Player Estates and Donation Rewards will be re-allocated to those that own them. Please get in touch with me in-game.

Secondly, we had numerous players leave our community, with essentially the same complaint - lack of rules and enforcement of such.

While my own personal philosophy is to simply let people sort their own conflicts out, using the in-game ignore button if needed, this however, has not stopped certain people from actively putting new and old players, off the game.

As such, we will now have rules, and those that choose not to adhere to them, will be removed from the game - for the benefit of those that choose to be civil. These rules will also be posted in-game where news usually goes, this will ensure no excuses about not seeing them.

At the end of the day, we want a smooth and pleasant experience for our players and community, not a hostile or toxic one. If we are forced to remove people because they choose not to be civil, so be it.

1) Do not harass, bully or pester people. If someone has had to place you on their ignore list, cease and desist from further interactions with them or their alts. This applies to our website, Global, Private or Public Chat, trade spamming or begging. This applies to interacting with admins and players alike.

2) Do not speak negatively about the server in our Global Chat. If you have an issue with the server, please address your concerns directly to an admin. If you experience lag, you may ask in global chat for a #PING test - but avoid posting things like 'LAG!!!', as it could just be you, and this may give a false impression to new players.

3) Do not impersonate an admin, or claim to speak for an admin. We speak for our selves, individually. We will post under our own names.

4) Do not scam or act fraudulently in your trades and dealings. Players are encouraged to report anyone intentionally attempting to scam other's items.

5) Do not abuse ANY bugs, if something is obvious to be a bug (common sense test), report it to an admin ASAP. Do not instead choose to abuse it to your gain, or it could be your loss.

Players that choose to break these rules, will be jailed or banned, we see no benefit to muting or kicking.

Depending on the scenario, this may be a single day jail, a week jail/ban, or an outright permanent ban.

I do not enjoy doing this, though I understand that it is required, as some will simply choose not to be civil otherwise, and these people are detrimental to the server's greater community.

As such, I will be hiring staff!

If you think that you would be an ideal candidate for the position, please make an account on the website (TubeFrog), and join the EONS space.

The successful candidates will be required to monitoring this space for game queries or questions etc.

The successful candidates will be required to be calm and collected, rational and civil. I am eventually looking for two Head Game Masters (HGM), who will fill the role of hiring staff under them in the future.

I've decided to remunerate HGM's and GM's for their time and effort, this will most likely be in the form of VIP credits - which they could spend the same as a donation.

These staff members WILL have power to jail and ban players, the only condition is that they post the jail / ban to the website's EONS space, with information about who was jailed / banned, for how long, and for what reason. Attaching screenshots where possible as evidence to the fact.

Any players wishing to contest a jail or ban, may do so via the post on the space. Or via a direct message to myself, with the post link attached.

This is to ensure a professional system is in place.

In other news, I am now the proud father of a beautiful baby boy! As such, please believe that my time is sparse and my sleep is non-existent. I've been spewed, pissed and shat on, and it's strangely okay!

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 17-07-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

We've added drops of silver and gold to all NPC's! Bosses more than normal. We've also added drops of Platinum to all harder NPC's, again, bosses more than normal.

We've also changed around Aeeria Port map to better suit the needs of new players!

A 9% Auction House NPC, Loot Chest NPC's, a Boss Challenger NPC and a bunch of other handy NPC's have been spawned in Aeeria Port.

4 new Warp Portal NPC's with information and warp menus have been added to Aeeria Port, this should provide a comprehensive guide to the game world, practically warping to anywhere desired within it. It does not however, warp inside the MC protected maps.

The Aeeria Home warp portal now warps to different locations - obsoleted by the above system.

The above 4 portal NPC's have also been added to the Personal Estate system.

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 13-07-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

We've buffed up the HP of all Exotic Pets considerably!

We've also changed all MC weapons to have their own AOE animations!

Personal house, custom title and custom login message systems have been added for supporters of our server!
Read the Donation information area for more information.

A new self-cast Master AOE spell has been added, this spell has an extra 2x2 range on MC weapons, and deals 50-60k damage in a set of MC gear. When a player becomes a Master, this spell is given to them automatically, also when a player does a /resetmaster.

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 28-06-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A new class has been added to the game!
A new master walks amongst us!

The following criteria must be met, in order to obtain this new class:

- Character must be reborn level 150
- Character must be Imperium 5
- Character must have 200 Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins
- Character must be naked (like reset).
- Character must have their pet spawned (highly recommended exotic pet)

The following things will happen to your character upon typing the command /master - and passing the above checks (make sure to have pet spawned!).

- Character will have level, reborn and experience reset back to 0
- Character will gain the new 'Master' class
- Character will be automatically tuned to have the maximum possible attributes, just by equipping a full set of MC equipment (you can also allocate a maximum of 25k to Con, to slightly raise your HP).
- Character will gain all the best spells in game
- Character will gain a self-cast only, buff spell that will increase drop rate to 100%
- Character's spawned pet will be boosted to level 200

It is highly recommended to have a pet spawned, to gain the boost to its level. After completing the /master upgrade, a character can then rebirth their pet with the /pet reborn command.

After both of these have been done, please relog to apply all the changes to your character and pet, then re-equip your gear when you log back in.

We have also increased the drop rate of 10m EXP bags, from the Elemental bosses (Wurm, Octo and Giant), to 5-10 @ 20%. We've also increased the drops from 10k, 100k, 1m and 10m EXP chest NPC's to 5-10 @ 100%.

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 18-06-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A new client is available HERE - (18-06-2018)

Hi all, so another big update this time round, we have been targeting our economy and currencies mainly, but there is some good stuff too!

Firstly, I'd like to express that these changes are to promote several things that have been neglected, they're designed to create value and use for said things.

- Copper, Silver and Gold Coins were borderline obsoleted (inflated to the point of no use), due to converting down from higher currencies, and too many sources of it.

- 1mill EXP Bags, 10mill EXP Bags, Platinum Coins and Golden Piggies were all being flooded in to the world, due to over-zealous allocation of them via spawn chests NPC's and drops. This again was causing serious inflation to the value of the currencies.

We have addressed these issues all together (and added some extra things below for it), yes, this may seem a little bit of a loss, but it will work out much better for you all in the long run, with a functioning economy where trading is a viable possibility.

With all that being said, the following world-changing adjustments have been made:
- The Currency Converter NPC has been removed from the game (replaced with a new system below).
- All Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins have been removed from NPC drops.
- All quests have been edited where copper was a reward, and reduced considerably.
- 3 new powerful healing spells can be purchased for 200k Copper each.
- Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins are now required for 15 new [MC] Charm (Auras), alternative animations to the original for style choices.
- All loot chest NPC's (excluding Ancient Essence 2-5), have been reduced to output 1-1 @ 100%.
- 1m and 10m EXP Bag drops have been reduced to 1-1 @ 0.5% for all NPC's excluding the EXP Chest NPC itself.
- Reduced all shops items payout by 1000% (10k = 100).
- Golden Piggies have been removed from all NPC's except for Piggy Chests, the Mastercraft Island NPC's and the Golden Piggy NPC itself.
- Modified all quests to remove or greatly lower copper rewards / adjusted currencies required.
- Modified loot bags to drop between 2 - 15 of their type of loot.
- Buff Export daily quests now reward copper instead of silver.
- Modified Fishing, Woodcutting and Mining drops of 1m EXP Bags, 10m EXP Bags, Silver, Gold and Platinum to 0.2% each.
- Moved Aeeria Armory NPC's to Aeeria Port map.
- Added Traders Licence System (Reborn 100 + 5 Craft Tokens) outside old Aeeria Armory.
- Added Auction House System replacing the Aeeria Armory house and Currency Converter NPC formally in the bank. This system will be explained below in detail.
- Increased the HP gained from all types of Health Potions, increased the timers on Regeneration Potions.
- Added [MC] Charm Remove and Add aura NPC's to Aeeria Square, next to the Ninjutsu entrance.

Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins have been re-allocated across the game world as follows:

- Aeeria Tournament
- Aeeria Arena

- Shop bought items
- Potions
- Haircutting
- Guild Creation
- Wedding Ceremony
- Spell Trainers
- Home warp portal
- EXP Merchant
- Auction House

- Title Change = 100 Silver Coins
- Race Change = 100 Silver Coins
- Daily Stat Trainer = 25 Silver Coins
- Boss Spawn NPC = 10-75 Silver Coins

- Heroes Call = 20 Gold Coins
- Class Changer = 100 Gold Coins
- Royal Tournament = 50 Gold Coins
- Boss Spawn NPC = 1 Gold Coins

- Imperium Daily Stat Trainer = 5 Platinum Coins
- Highly used as crafting components
- Ninjutsu Training = 10 Platinum Coins
- Boss Spawn NPC = 1-5 Platinum Coins

- VIP Equipment
- World Spawn NPC = 10 Golden Piggies
- Highly used as crafting components

:::End-Game::: - MC
- Refined Essences
- Craft Tokens
- Silver, Gold, Platinum Coins

We have introduced a unique system in this update, the Auction House!
For 5 Craft Tokens, a reborn 100 or higher character can now purchase a Traders Licence!
This will allow the character to access the Auction House each day, the prices are bound to you for the day, and won't reset till the next day.
Further, there is 8 possible price-lists ranging from 0% (rock bottom prices), to 9% (highest prices). While some days you may get stuck with high prices, this allows characters to buy low one day, and sell high another - effectively trading PvE to support any PvP trading that takes place.

The Auction House will sell useful crafting components, and Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins! This means that the going rate for Silver, Gold and Platinum Coins will vary from day to day, from character to character.

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 15-06-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A new client is available HERE - (15-06-2018)

A large new content expansion has been added! In this update, we have added Mastercrafting!

We have added 12 new male, 12 new female armours, 14 new 5x5 range aoe weapons, 5 new pets, shoes, hats, upgraded accessories and more!

All of this equipment can only be crafted by a Mastercrafter, and it forms a complete set of [MC] equipment. To enter the craft area, a player requires a Mastercrafter Licence.

These licences can only be acquired for large amounts of cash, and by a player reborn 100 and above. However, these items can be crafted and sold in the outside world to players at a premium, giving anyone that obtains a licence, some nice perks!

Obtaining a licence also grants access to the Exotic Pets shop, players that have a Jeeves MK 4, can purchase some even better pets from this NPC!

5 new refined ingredients have been added, these can be crafted next to the Mastercraft House at /warp home.

4 new maps have been added, with NPC's that drop [MC] ingredients, and a boss with a 0.2% chance to drop any [MC] item! This area is accessible from within the Mastercraft House.

The maximum Reborn Level has been increased to 150! Please keep in mind not to raise any stats (str,agi,con,wis,cha,int) or attributes (evasion,defense,accuracy,attack,hp,tp) over 32,000 or you may encounter issues with your character.

Several items were reclaimed from low end equipment to make this update possible (lvl 0-30) - if you have a brand new character that happens to have one of these reclaimed items equipped, you may experience issues logging in with it. If this is the case, you have two options - delete the character, or if you would like to keep it, please contact me via the forums or in-game, and I will remove the item from it. If however, you happen to have one of these items in your bags / banks, lucky you!

We've also doubled the amount of [VIP] Golden Piggies rewarded for donations, due to inflation of the market, and more places to spend them!

We've also added a new system called World Spawn - that allows a player over reborn 100, with a Mastercraft Licence, to spawn in enemies or loot chests to the home and square maps! The choice is yours, will you cause havoc amongst the townfolk? Or reward them with treasure?

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 03-06-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A large new automated training grounds has been added! This area requires a Reborn 10 or higher to enter, and costs 10 Golden Piggies to start.

The Ninjutsu Training Grounds allows players to face off against ever more difficult ninjutsu. Completing all the rooms will reward players with large amounts of loot - and an additional +20 to Agility, Wisdom and Charisma each time - such is the way of the Ninjutsu!

Pets have been disabled for this map, as such is not the way of the Ninjutsu!

These stats can be reset via a trainer and re-allocated to other stats, however, please keep in mind to avoid raising your Damage or HP to over 32,000 - as this will create issues for your character.

We have also added 4 more Royal Tournament maps, located next to the original in Aeeria Square.

Happy training!

Captain's log: Stardate 02-05-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A new client is available HERE - (02-05-2018)

A large expansion has been added in this update! This sees the introduction of Saereyn's Town and the Atlantis areas.

We have added 5 new classes to the game, accessible only by reborn 50 players, these classes use a new Unique Stats Formula, and allows players to gain greater amounts of Evasion, Accuracy and Defence. Further, these classes are scripted in to an upgrade chain - you can locate the trainier NPC at Saereyn's Shrine.

A new daily stat trainer has been added to Saereyn's Shrine, this will allow the Imperium classes to increase their chosen stat by an additional 100-150 each day.

We have added a 10 stage upgrade chain to turn a Sanctum 5 charm, into an Imperium version. This charm gains +500 HP each upgade, with the Mk10 version providing 11k HP.

3 new bosses and a bunch of new wild type NPC's have been added to the new areas, these all have a chance to drop Elemental Alloy, EXP Bags, Platinum Coins and Golden Piggies, though some of them more than others!

A row of new repeatable Job Boards have been added to Saereyn's Town, these also provide Elemental Alloy, EXP Bags and Platinum Coins for completion, and the NPC's required can all be located in these new areas (pending a small update to boss maps).

A new high powered buff spell has been added, this can only be obtained by the Imperium 5 class, and provides 2 hours of + 2.5k to all stats!

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 01-05-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

The stats formulas for all classes have been slightly altered, this is to allow for greater levels, thus more stats to allocate.

The maximum rebirth level has been increased to 50, the maximum points you can allocate to a single stat is now 20,000. This means, that a rebirth 50 player (level 10,000), will have gained from leveling alone - 30,000 stat points. This does not include stat points that can be acquired daily from the trainer.

With these changes, players will be able to reach their primary stat cap, and also increase their secondary stat considerably, providing greater amounts of Defence and Accuracy, making those robots a little easier!

Happy leveling!

Captain's log: Stardate 25-04-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A new NPC has been added to the boss challenge map - Piggy Exchange, you can exchange Piggies for handy things here!

We have also re-worked Devilgate, we've increased the waves to 45, as a long overdue update to the reborn equipment.

The highest waves of Devilgate now provide more rewards, and completing it will now reward 10 Platinum Coins. Further, the Devilgate starting timer is now every 30 minutes.

Good luck!

Captain's log: Stardate 20-04-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A new client is available HERE - (20-04-2018), pub files download HERE - (20-04-2018).

A new expansion map has been added - Mechanix, guarded by some seriously powerful robots!
This expansion is targeting players of around reborn level 10 - 15.

A [Follower] upgrade system has been implemented for Jeeves!
He can now be upgraded 4 times, each version becoming significantly stronger!

Personal Banker, Personal Barber, and Personal Guildmaster followers have been added to the Mech Assembly NPC.

Happy training!

Captain's log: Stardate 19-04-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

We have added a support forums and a discord server to the website, please take advantage of them if you need support or want to socialize!

We have successfully migrated to our new host based in Seattle, and we've made some changes to the amount that Magus / Wizard group heal spells output.
Soothing Aura @ level 20, now heals your group for 500. Likewise, Holy Shield @ level 40, now heals your group for 2000.
These changes are aimed at providing the Magus / Wizard class with some extra benefit, as they have been somewhat left behind with usefulness, now however, they will be a valuable asset to any group, ensuring your survival in those sticky situations!

Happy healing!

Captain's log: Stardate 16-04-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

A large new feature has been added to the server! This expansion sees the introduction of Aeeria's Royal Tournament - a scripted randomised boss encounter, with a randomised event reward system built in!

Here's a bit about how it works:

The Royal Tournament requires a group of players to start, and it also requires the group leader to be over reborn level 1.
Upon starting the tournament, your team must battle through 4 waves of randomly selected high level adversaries.
If your team defeats them, the group leader can initiate the 5th wave - an event wave designed as a reward for your group, or a player activated event that could be hosted for anyone.
There are 4 fight waves, each wave has 4 spawn points, each spawn point will release 6 enemies, these enemies are randomly selected from a list of 15 possible enemies.
This means that each wave could consist of 4 different groups of enemies, coming at you from all sides.
Further still, the event wave consists of much the same, except the spawns have a chance to introduce 4 different types of reward chest, from a possible pool of 15 types of chest.
Also, instead of 6 spawns per spawn point, the event will release 10 chests per spawn point.
The event chests drop between 2 - 5 of their type of loot, at 100% rate, so the whole thing is fairly randomly generated!

Good luck!

Captain's log: Stardate 04-02-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

An in-game fix has been released that requires re-downloading the client, or updating your client's pub files. Client download HERE - (04-02-2018), pub files download HERE - (04-02-2018).

Captain's log: Stardate 31-01-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

We've released 22 high powered shoes, and 25 hats to the game! These require Reborn 5 or higher to equip!
This update requires re-downloading the client, or updating your client's pub files. Client download HERE - (04-02-2018), pub files download HERE - (04-02-2018).
Added Platinum Coins to Golden Piggies currency exchanging to the Currency Exchange NPC - the conversion rate is 10 to 1.
Added Reborn Essences 2 - 5 to the drop list of The Treasurer, at a rate of 1 - 2 @ 6%. We also increased the rate that he drops Gold and Platinum Coins by 2%, and removed Silver Coins from his list.

Captain's log: Stardate 30-01-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

We've been hard at work this update, releasing over 200 new items into the game, we have addressed a gap in equipment between rebirth 1 - 5.
We've also added in an extensive donation rewards NPC, this will provide supporters of our server and community, with some well deserved goodies!
Further, this update sees the expansion of Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting, extending the loot tables from level 50, all the way to 200!
We've added a new hangout / boss room where players can socialise, there is a chance to drop all pets, bags, cash and even some VIP Golden Piggies!
The rebirth cap has been increased to reborn 15 (level 3000), for those dedicated few whom reach those high peaks... happy leveling!
An incredibly tough follower has been released - Jeeves! He can drop from Hellion @ 0.1%, otherwise, he can be obtained via the VIP NPC.

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